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German Dreams are not that fancy words in the town anymore! Millions of young youths around the world steps towards Germany for higher education every year. It’s been few decades that students whispering loud on abolishing their daydreams about their life dynamism on the horizon of optimism. But at the very beginning of the plans on flying off to Germany for higher education, every student need to know whether his or her university is recognised in Germany or not.

That is what the topic works on recognising a country’s legitimacy on profiling of a University about proper recognition by an organisation in Germany is Anabin. From last few years, Anabin is working on German University’s recognition criteria on international accreditation of universities. Lets jump in and have a look on the 2021 update!

How Anabin Defines?

All the institutions are grouped by H+, H- and H+/- of symbolic recognitions. The symbol H+ means the university is recognised in its origin of residence and accredited by multiple institutions all over the world. Then it comes the portion of H-. The symbol H- means that the recognition or the accreditation is missing in the country of origin and it is also not classified as University in Germany. And finally H+/- defines that, institution for which no clear statement can be made neither in the country of origin nor in Germany. This is how Anabin defines characteristics by symbolic characters.

Recognised Bangladeshi Universities by German Authority

SLInstitutionLocationInstitution TypeStatus
1Ahsanullah University of Science and TechnologyDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
2American International University BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
3Anwer Khan Modern Medical CollegeDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
4ASA University BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
5Asian University for WomenChittagongInternational UniversityH+
6Asian University of BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
7Atish Dipankar University of Science and TechnologyDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
8Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical UniversityDhakaUniversityH+
9Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural UniversityGazipurUniversityH+
10Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, BangladeshDhakaMedical CollegeH+
11Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology UniversityDhakaUniversityH+
12Bangladesh Agricultural UniversityMymensinghUniversityH+
13Bangladesh Army International University of Science and TechnologyComillaPrivate UniversityH+
14Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology, QadirabadDayarampurPrivate UniversityH+
15Bangladesh Army University of Science & Technology, SaidpurSaidpurPrivate UniversityH+
16Bangladesh Institute of Technology – ChittagongChittagongInstitute of TechnologyH+
17Bangladesh Institute of Technology – DhakaDhakaInstitute of TechnologyH+
18Bangladesh Institute of Technology – KhulnaKhulnaInstitute of TechnologyH+
19Bangladesh Institute of Technology – RajshahiRajshahiInstitute of TechnologyH+
20Bangladesh Islami UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
21Bangladesh Islamic UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
22Bangladesh Open UniversityGazipurUniversityH+
23Bangladesh Textile UniversityDhakaUniversityH+
24Bangladesh UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
25Bangladesh University of Business and TechnologyDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
26Bangladesh University of Engineering and TechnologyDhakaUniversityH+
27Bangladesh University of Health Science DhakaDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
28Bangladesh University of ProfessionalsUniversityH+
29Bangladesh University of TextilesDhakaUniversityH+
30Barisal UniversityBarisalUniversityH+
31Begum Rokeya University, RangpurRangpurUniversityH+
32BGC Trust University BangladeshChittagongPrivate UniversityH+/-
33BGMEA University of Fashion & TechnologyDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
34BRAC UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
35Britannia UniversityComillaPrivate UniversityH+/-
36Canadian University of BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
37CCN University Of Science And TechnologyComillaPrivate UniversityH+
38Central University of Science and TechnologyDhakaPrivate UniversityH+/-
39Central Women’s UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
40Chittagong Independent UniversityChittagongPrivate UniversityH+
41Chittagong University of Engineering and TechnologyChittagongUniversityH+
42Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences UniversityChittagongUniversityH+
43City UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
44Comilla UniversityComillaUniversityH+
45Cox’s Bazar International UniversityCox’s BazarPrivate UniversityH+
46Cumilla UniversityComillaUniversityH+
47Daffodil International UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
48Darul Ihsan UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH-
49Dhaka International UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
50Dhaka UniversityDhakaUniversityH+
51Dhaka University of Engineering and TechnologyGazipurUniversityH+
52East Delta University ChittagongChittagongPrivate UniversityH+
53East Delta UniversityPrivate UniversityH+
54East West UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
55Eastern UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
56European University of BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
57Exim Bank Agricultural University BangladeshChapainababgonjPrivate UniversityH+
58Fareast International UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
59Feni UniversityFeniPrivate UniversityH+
60First Capital University of the Bangladesh ChuadangaChuadangaPrivate UniversityH+
61German University BangladeshGazipurPrivate UniversityH+
62Global University BangladeshBarisalPrivate UniversityH+
63Gono BishwabidyalayaDhakaPrivate UniversityH+/-
64Green University of BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
65Hajee Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology UniversityDinajpurUniversityH+
66Hamdard University BangladeshGazariaPrivate UniversityH+
67Holy Spirit Major SeminaryDhakaCatholic University (CL)H+
68IBAIS UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH-
69Independent UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
70International Islamic University ChittagongChittagongPrivate UniversityH+/-
71International University of Business, Agriculture and TechnologyDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
72International University of ScholarsDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
73Ishakha International UniversityKishoreganjPrivate UniversityH+
74Islamic UniversityShantidanga-DulalpurUniversityH+
75Islamic University of TechnologyInternational UniversityH+
76Jagannath UniversityDhakaUniversityH+
77Jahangirnagar UniversityDhakaUniversityH+
78Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam UniversityMymensinghUniversityH+
79Jessore University of Science and TechnologyJessoreUniversityH+
80Khulna UniversityKhulnaUniversityH+
81Khulna University of Engineering and TechnologyKhulnaUniversityH+
82Khwaja Yunus Ali UniversityChowhaliPrivate UniversityH+
83Leading UniversitySylhetPrivate UniversityH+
84Manarat International UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
85Mawlana Bhasani Science and Technology University, TangailSantoshUniversityH+
86Metropolitan UniversitySylhetPrivate UniversityH+
87National Major SeminaryDhakaCatholic University (CL)H+
88National UniversityGazipurUniversityH+
89Noakhali Science & Technology UniversitySonapurUniversityH+
90North Bengal International UniversityRajshahiPrivate UniversityH+
91North East University BangladeshSylhetPrivate UniversityH+
92North South UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
93North Western University, KhulnaKhulnaPrivate UniversityH+
94Northern University of Business & Technology, KhulnaKhulnaPrivate UniversityH+
95Northern University, BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
96Notre Dame CollegeDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
97Notre Dame University BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
98Pabna Unversity of Science and TechnologyUniversityH+
99Patuakhali Science and Technology UniversityPatuakhaliUniversityH+
100People’s University of BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
101Port City International UniversityChittagongPrivate UniversityH+
102Premier UniversityChittagongPrivate UniversityH+
103Presidency UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
104Prime UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
105Primeasia UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
106Pundra University of Science and TechnologyBograPrivate UniversityH+
107Queen’s UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+/-
108Rabindra Maitree UniversityPrivate UniversityH+
109Rajshahi Science & Technology UniversityNatorePrivate UniversityH+
110Rajshahi UniversityRajshahiUniversityH+
111Rajshahi University of Engineering and TechnologyRajshahiUniversityH+
112Ranada Prasad Shaha UniversityNaryanganjPrivate UniversityH+
113Rangamati Science and Technology UniversityRangamatiUniversityH+
114Rangpur UniversityUniversityH+
115Royal University of DhakaDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
116Shahjalal University of Science and TechnologySylhetUniversityH+
117Shanto-Mariam University of Creative TechnologyDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
118Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural UniversityDhakaUniversityH+
119Sonargaon UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
120South Asian UniversityDhakaInternational UniversityH+
121South East UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
122Southern University BangladeshChittagongPrivate UniversityH+/-
123Stamford University, BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
124State University of BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
125Sylhet Agriculture UniversitySylhetUniversityH+
126Sylhet International UniversitySylhetPrivate UniversityH+/-
127The Millenium UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
128Times University BangladeshFaridpurPrivate UniversityH+
129United International UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
130University Grants Commission of BangladeshSirajgonjUniversityH+
131University of Asia PacificDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
132University of BarisalBarisalUniversityH+
133University of BarishalBarisalUniversityH+
134University of ChittagongChittagongUniversityH+
135University of Creative Technology, ChittagongChittagongPrivate UniversityH+
136University of Development AlternativeDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
137University of DhakaDhakaUniversityH+
138University of Dhaka (Colleges)DhakaUniversityH+
139University of Global VillageBarisalPrivate UniversityH+
140University of Information Technology and SciencesDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
141University of Liberal Arts BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
142University of RajshahiRajshahiUniversityH+
143University of Science and Technology, ChittagongChittagongPrivate UniversityH+
144University of South AsiaDhakaPrivate UniversityH+/-
145Uttara UniversityDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
146Varenda UniversityRajshahiPrivate UniversityH+
147Victoria University of BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
148World University of BangladeshDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
149ZH Sikder University of Science & TechnologyDhakaPrivate UniversityH+
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