Time- it’s a significant thing that we deal with every day. It’s a totally abstract thing that we cannot touch it, smell it, see it. We just using it metaphorically which is a dimension that indicates past, present, future. However, every human spends time but the difference is how they spend. We have to undergo every single spending time. Though we can’t get it back, have to pay for this. But, “HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS”-what the hell is that. Now come to the point.

One day a soldier willingly didn’t go to the map detection class and thought that he could cover it but the war came accidentally. Therefore, he had to join in the war. Mean-while of fighting every soldier died without him. After escaping from this place, he couldn’t find out the right way to went to his camp. So he had to pay for this.



Important quotes:

“Being rich is having money,
Being wealthy is having time”Margaret Bannavo.
Today busy- is a myth,
People make time for the things that are really important for themunknown.
“Give time, get honey”Rashedul Islam.
“The bad news is time flies,
But the good news is you are the pilot”Michael Altshuler.

Life is like wealth so time is totally your matter. How you utilize your time it’s up to you. Wise peoples think that they have to know more stuff, that’s why they spend their time diligently. However, We have no calculator to calculate our time which we have just spent unjustly. People just consume their time for entertainment on Facebook and other social media and this percentage is 33%. 88 percent of people keep in contact with their family and others. There is a lower percentage of people who use Facebook for getting news and it is 23 percent.


What do I mean by the honey:

Here honey acts as honor, goal, success, power, and other desirable things. Just imagine that there is a bank that credits $86,400 for using. This is like a game. Any time the bank could say” GAME OVER”. You could spend money on other people whoever you love and care about. And also for others whoever you don’t know. Could you spend much more money for you? Yes, you have to. Here $86,400 is like 86,400 seconds for us. And then how exactly we use it. If we spend more seconds for us effectively we will be a gainer.

Therefore give your time diligently and take your desire goal, success, honor, and everything for you.

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