We can see that past indefinite and present perfect both are totally different names and they have also particular rules. However, sometimes we do silly mistakes by not identifying that which one is past indefinite or which one is present perfect. Now I am giving an example to you how we do mistakes

  1. I saw the movie.
  2. I have seen the movie

Here, from the two examples no.1 . is not correct because in no.1. we don’t find any particular/definite time. So guys when you see that the verb is in past position and have a specific time that time you can consider it as a correct sentence. By the way, look at the no. 2. I, simply use present perfect because I don’t give any specific time. I provide you some tips below when you consider a sentence as present perfect.

  1. When you don’t find any particular time for action.

Ex: I have gone there ( we don’t know when)

  1. An action that happened more than once in the past.

Ex: I have gone there four times.

  1. An activity that started previously and as yet occurring or still has its feeling/Impact.

Ex:  I have lived in the house for 14 years.



Once, on of my student told: “Does she has a pen”.In the meantime, I answered him that normally “has” sits after “She/he” and its grammatical rules.

I told him that, he is right but here we can’t use these rules. Let me explain:

While forming sentences with “Does”, always bear in mind that you cannot use “Has” in the sentence as an auxiliary verb whatsoever. The action word “has” has been utilized mistakenly with the aiding action word. In this way, the proposal is that you ought to think about transforming it into a base structure.

The correct answer is “Does she/he have a pen”


You just use (verb +ing) or (to be + verb’s past participle form) after need when the object is inanimate such as
1. The cycle needs repairing
2. The cycle needs to be repaired.
But when you see that object is animate that time you use (to+ verbs base form) after need
Ex: 1. Kawsar Ahmed needs to learn french.
Wait for my next part.

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