Important Differences Part-2


We often get confused to use it’s or its in sentence. So, guys, I am forwarding to talk about the two perplexing things that I mentioned before. First, you have to know that what “it” is? “it” is third-person singular (neuter), used to mention or stand-in for inanimate things or ideas.


(IT’S) is belittled of it-is or it-has. Belittled word is a shorter or contracted form of a word or group of words. We omit “I” and “ha” from IT’S by an apostrophe. (But the fact is that “IT’S” doesn’t act like it was. So be careful.


I found my football yesterday, It’s (it has) a beautiful color.


“ITS” is mainly a possessive form of it, used to indicate ownership, possession, belonging.


  1. I found a ball yesterday and it’s mine.
  2. The school raised its floor.


  1. Never use it with an apostrophe after, it’s totally wrong.
  2. In English, we often see that using an apostrophe after name but don’t confuse  it just for mentioning


  1. Rashed’s father is not working under any corporation now.

So, confusingly, English doesn’t use apostrophes when showing its personal pronoun like yours, hers, its.


These two things are absolutely different by their name, behavior.

“because” is just a conjunction, which linked two-sentence after and before of its. After using because you have to use a minimum of one subject and one verb.


  1. I know you ill because you have flu.

“Because of”– huh! It acts like a two-word preposition and absolutely it is.

We have to use noun  or noun phrase or (verb + ing) after Because of

Example: I can’t go out because of feeling sick/ because of my sickness.

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