Telling Our Stories With The Climate Change Story Grants

Pacific news stories on climate change told by Pacific islands media are being given a boost with the opportunity to apply for story grants.
The Climate Change Story Grants support the development of engaging media content that tells emerging Pacific stories of climate change, climate adaptation and resilience throughout the cyclone season.

Formed through a partnership between ABC International Development, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) with support from the Australia Pacific Climate Partnership and Australian Aid, these Climate Change Story Grants are now available.
“We hope that the story grants will support media in the Pacific to tell in-depth stories that consider both the science and individual human experiences of climate change.

Our partnership with SPREP is important as it allows storytellers to gain good access to that science and we thank SPREP for being that bridge,” says Jo Elsom, Lead at ABC International Development.
The maximum value of any grant is AUD 2,500 with only one grant per application to be submitted. More than one story can seek funding under the grant application, but all stories must be funded within the maximum grant value.

All story applications must have a broadcast or print outlet. ABC International Development will match grantees to ABC media mentors based on applicant requests for skill development.
The Climate Change Story Grants follow on from an online workshop for Pacific media to help reach Pacific audiences during the Cyclone Season as well as develop news from the Seventh Pacific Island Climate Outlook Forum which took place from 20 – 23 October, 2020.

“Our online workshop went really well, we consistently had over 30 participants from across the Pacific take part in our event which has empowered news development on information shared at the PICOF7,” said Ms Nanette Woonton, the Acting Communications and Outreach Adviser of the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).

“The workshop provided the perfect backdrop for these Climate Change Story Grants – we encourage our Pacific islands media to apply for them and to give voice to our climate change realities that we face. We must tell our stories, keep people aware and informed.”

SPREP has a climate change programme now underway across the Pacific islands, it is host of the Pacific Climate Change Centre as well as the Pacific Meteorological Desk Partnership and has had a media outreach initiative underway over the past decade. SPREP will be available to help interested applicants with story ideas they wish to pursue, or to link members of the media with climate experts across the region.

The online workshop to help Pacific media reach Pacific audiences during the Cyclone Season was supported through the partnership between ABCID and SPREP with the Australian Pacific Climate Partnership.

It was funded by Australian Aid through DFAT and saw technical support provided from the SPREP Climate and Oceans Support Programme in Pacific and Pacific Met Desk Partnership.

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