The basic skeleton of an Email (To Professor)

EMAIL-above all a virtual way of sending info, feedback e.t.c. Email writing has many manners to follow. It’s quite different from an email to friends or someone to a professor. You need to be professional before writing an email to a professor.

Now I am going to show you the skeleton of a professional email.

  1. What about your mail name: Be concern

This is very important and the best way to show that what a professional you are! Such that you send an email with the mail name When your professor check this email along with this ridiculous name, He/She may not check it, no matter how it is important.

You can follow this format:

2. Subject

Your professor can understand easily what your email is by taking a glance at the subject. For instance, “For appointment”, “For the query”, “For appointment”. You don’t need to make it longer. It should be simple and reflect the content of your email.

3. How to start (Beginning of the body)

It’s really significant to put so much thought into how you begin emails to your professor. Because email greetings to a professor are not like your friends’ email. The best way you should follow:


You can use hi + name for sending an email to a  particular person , when you use “there”? It’s for a person you don’t know or for mass people.

  • Greetings

When we don’t know our recipient or it just for clubs or companies’ feedback. But it is better to omit it when you know your professors’ name.

  • Dear + name, Hi dear +  name

It would be better not to use Mr, Mrs, Miss because of it shows the marital status.

4. Main Body

It’s better to maintain a simple body paragraph. State your question clearly. It can help him not to read your mail multiple times.

5. Ending

Always end by thanking, closing with “Best wishes”, “regards”.

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